Technology that protects endangered species

Africa’s wildlife faces a dark future. That is why we develop leading technology that makes the savannahs smart. We want to secure the future of the endangered species and the park rangers’ risky work.

Smarter savannahs

New, smart solutions are needed to stop poaching. That’s why Smart Savannah is developing world-leading technology that protects animals in Africa’s natural areas more effectively.

About Smart Savannahs

The savannah's super eyes and super ears

With advanced sensor technology, we continuously research how the system can be expanded with intelligent cameras, radar systems, cameras, thermal cameras, drones, microphones and shot detectors. With our aids, the park rangers will become the savannah’s super eyes and super ears.

What we do

How can you help?

When you support Smart Savannahs, every penny goes to securing and equipping African parks and rangers with the latest surveillance technology. The equipment is expensive and the maintenance and development of our successful conservation program depends on your much appreciated contribution.

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